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Yoni Breathing with your Yoni Egg

Posted on August 24 2019

Yoni Breathing with your Yoni Egg

Yoni Breathing with your Yoni Egg


Yoni breathing is a powerful way to connect to your Yoni and help with focus. 


Understanding that the Yoni is a powerful part of your body and is the central haven for your health, throughout history the Yoni has been honored and celebrated. Think how everything on this planet is tied to the power and energy of the womb, that nothing living could possibly be here without first leaving the womb.


This exercise is dedicated to just that to help us connect to our egg and to encourage focus, strength and manifestation.

This exercise is to be done with your egg inside.


Start with a deep inhale for a count of 7 

Visualize a white light entering through your Yoni and circulating within your womb.

Within this white light I want you to visualize something you'd like to currently manifest.


As you exhale allow this white light to to exit your Yoni 

Birthing manifestation and sending it out with the white light into the universe 


Close this mediation by saying 



Focus on your womb space during this meditation 

Inhaling and exhaling deep within your Yoni 


Do this meditation for 5-10 minutes as many times a week as desired.


Happy Yoni Breathing 



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